Flotsametrics and the Floating World

No Comments 26 December 2009

If you have any interest in the marine world…..history, geography or environmental science, then you should have read or be reading this amazing book!!  

FlotsametricsThe Pacific Northwest is prominently featured by default since Curtis Ebbesmeyer got his Ph.D. in oceanography from the U of W and lives in Seattle.   Eric Scigliano is an editor for Seattle Metropolitan magazine. 

The stuff that drifts around with the currents and washes up on beaches becomes more than fascinating as stories are told of rubber duck bathtub toys, tennis shoes and message bottles.  All of these with a direct and recent Pacific Northwest component.  And the book is enchanting in it’s explanation of  early explorers and how the currents and flotsam guided trade, colonization and exploration.

This book is beachcoming on steroids.  Don’t get stranded… it NOW.

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