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As the Boat Turns on B Dock

No Comments 17 January 2010

B-DockI’m on the boat today at the marina undercover. No, that’s not quite right. My boat is under cover in our covered moorage slip on B Dock and I’m on the boat. The skies are gray with slices of blue peeking through occasionally. The wind has picked up and is gusting mildly. The boat is swaying back and forth in its slip. A heron landed on the roof, rolled some kind of shell around, broke it, ate the critter inside, and then flew off. She’ll be back when she finds another shell.

Adrian, our live-aboard guy on B Dock just walked by with Cooper, his yellow lab. That dog loves the liver cookies we bring for him. When he sees the bag of cookies his chin quivers and he shakes all over. Wouldn’t it be nice if it only took liver cookies to make you quiver and shake all over? For me to have that reaction takes either really good chocolate or a homemade pumpkin pie.

Our friend who will remain anonymous stopped by and he’s distraught. We’re going to go to his house this evening and have steak and potatoes to cheer him up. No, that’s not right. We are going over to cheer him up and we will also be eating steak and potatoes while at his home. It’s one of those days. My mind is dull but my potential is sharp as a tack. The gal our friend is distraught over is going to miss out on a great dinner tonight. So many things going on with people.

Adrian and Cooper are getting married. No, that’s not accurate. Adrian, who owns Cooper, the lab, is getting married to Mary this coming summer. Adrian plans on selling his lovely old wooden boat and getting a place on land. Will Adrian really give up his wooden boat for Mary? Will Cooper adjust to living on land without our liver cookies? Will our distraught friend reconcile with his lady love or will she run off to California permanently?

On a less people oriented but very distressing note nonetheless, we just received an estimate to redo the epoxy and bottom paint on our boat. We asked for an estimate to fill in the chines on the hull too. I thought maybe both projects would come to $8-10,000 but no – it’s a boat. So, TRIPLE the estimate. Filling in the chines will supposedly help the boat not rock so dramatically from side to side when we find ourselves in rough waters. After looking at the estimate, I figure a little side to side rocking will do me good. I’ll think of it as a new type of exercise and therapy package all rolled into one. Exercise for balance and strength when trying to remain standing when the boat is rocking so violently, and therapeutic because I will have saved thousands of dollars. Always a silver lining…

Stay tuned for more episodes of As the Boat Turns on B Dock. Upcoming episodes: Will the Remedy’s holding tank hold? Will we ever see the Sere’s on B Dock again?

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