OceanAire Mods – phase 4

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Chuckanut Brewery

Chuckanut Brewery

Hey Hey!!  Another rainy trip to Bellingham.  Might as well visit Jeff Harman and Velkommen; there is no point in trying to mow the lawn, it’s soggy everywhere.  We did not get a particularly early start, and tired of Interstate 5 we tried Hwy 9 for a more woodsy drive North.  Arriving in Bellingham, lunch took top priority.  Just down the street from OceanAire Yachts is the Chuckanut Brewery and kitchen.  We took a chance……and what a delight. alt_glass Luann had the BLT; I had the BBQ Beef.  Both came with yam fries and chipotle sauce.  Now, I was a bit sceptical about yam fries, but, hey….don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.  YUM-YUM!!   The food and service were excellent, and the schooner of Altbier was really, really good. It turns out they have won some prestigious brewing awards. No wonder it was really good.  Mighty convenient of  ‘em to locate just a few blocks from OceanAire Yachts, too.

So what’s new with Velkommen you ask?  Well, Jeff and David  have finalized the hull shape.  The old rounded chines are gone, filled in and faired out.  Small irregularities are being filled with durabond and sanded smooth.  I really like the new lines.  I like the way the chines transition to the new shape at the forward quarter, then flow aft with a slight return flair.
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01-forward-transition_tn 02-port-looking-forward_tn 03-transition_tn
04-slight-flair_tn 05-starboard-flair_tn 06-nice-lines_tn

It looks to me as though this sort of work is half technical, knowing the proper products and their sequence, and half artistry. A keen eye for nice lines that blend with the rest of the hull as if it had always been that way. Now, I’ve got a pretty critical eye for that sort of thing. I make no claims of being an artist…..but I know what I like and what I don’t like, without exception. Well…..I like these lines. I can see craftsmanship and pride in the way they are being faired to finished product. High praise to Jeff Harman and crew at OceanAire Yachts.  A little more sanding and tweeking, then an epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint and Velkommen will be ready for the San Juan Islands and beyond.


OceanAire Mods – phase 3

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Jeff Harman
Jeff Harman

It’s so nice to see a business owner who is a craftsman, too.  Probably was a craftsman first, before becoming a business owner.  As the ink is drying, it’s not the handshake that instills confidence, it’s the callouses within the handshake.

That these are lean times for boatbuilders, contractors and many others is no secret.  Times where we all have to pull together to see our dreams and aspirations move forward. Times where a man has to do what he knows how to do. It’s good to see OceanAire representing the craftsmanship that’s the backbone of the Tollycraft heritage.  But craftsmanship is only one part of the equation…..another is styling.  Robert “Tolly” Tollefson had an unusual gift for yacht styling and design.  I like to think I see the same gift in action as Jeff Harman crafts a more modern design to the hull shape of Velkommen.

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02-port-1_tn 03-port-2_tn 04-port-3_tn
05-starboard_tn 06-OceanAire_tn Tolly-2010_tn

 I think “Tolly” would approve, don’t you?  And I hope the boating community can pull together, and support one another as the tides rise and fall…..if, for no other reason, to show our children that our genes still carry the strength of our forefathers and to assure them that theirs do as well.

Here’s “Tolly” on his 99th birthday; may the boats we enjoy have similar longevity.


Velkommen’s liverburger doggie treats

2 Comments 22 March 2010

Lots of boaters enjoy the onboard companionship of their pets.  I’ve seen plenty of salty dogs and a few salty cats.  Most dogs handle the rigors of boating with more patience and grace than their owners.  But who is really the owner….shall we say, who is really in command, here? 

“Steady now, steady….don’t trip over my water bowl.  Remember….bow-wow in, starboard tie.  Most convenient when I want to dash out the transom door.  Fenders deployed?  Dock lines ready?  Step lively there, and don’t you dare step on my tail.  Quickly, make her fast.  First, a B-I-G stretch, then I need a little stroll on the beach.  You did pick a port with a sandy beach or nicely manicured lawn, didn’t you?  We canines have to think of everything, for everyone, and all-the-time, too. Captain, schmapton…..there is only one leader of the pack here.”

Well, my two boneheads are landlubbers.  The boat is fine, when tied to the dock, albeit small, but the noise of those two diesels while underway combined with a little rockin’ and rollin’……well, it’s tolerable, but just barely.  So to keep my hounds happy and to stretch my boating dollar…….(Have you seen how expensive top quality dog treats are?)  Let me introduce you to Velkommen’s liverburger doggie treats.

7-liverberger-dog-treats_tnThese little squares are just bound to have Bowser beggin’ for more.  And the cool part is they are easy to make, hound-healthy and wallet-friendly.  They keep for ages in the freezer and they make perfect gift packages for your Lassie-lovin’ friends with the added personal touch of being able to say, “I made ‘em myself.”

I’ll bet cats would find their way around one of these little treats, too.  Now I don’t  have a cat, myself, but I have a friend with a couple of mousers.  Maybe I should see what kinda beer he’s drinkin’ and experiment on his finicky felines.  Betcha two to one they pass up their Fancy Feast in favor of Velkommen’s liverburger treats.  Now, I’ve got nothin’ to sell here, so don’t go lookin’ for any shoppin’ carts.  I’m just sharin’ a dandy recipe, ya gotta make it yerself.  But I gaurantee it’ll make your faithful pet cuddle a little closer when the weather sets in.

You need the proper tools.  I use a stick blender, I’m using a 200 watt Cuisinart CSB-77.  It is plenty adequate but more power is better.  Next time I’ll go for the 300 watt Viking.  Then you need a good heavy-duty mixer, like a 325 watt KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS.  Then you need a large bowl that fits your mixer and three large cookie sheets.  And it’s easiest to use a non-stick silicone baking mat like Silpat on top of the cookie sheets.  Next, the ingredients:

  • 2 pounds raw liver
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 cups corn meal
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp brewers yeast

Click on a thumbnail for a larger pic.

1-liver-berger_tn 2-puree_tn 3-ingredients_tn
  1. - Cut the liver into medium-sized chunks and puree it with the stick blender.
  2. - Toss in small chunks of hamburger, pureeing it into the liver mixture.
  3. - Throw in the eggs and get ready to use the big mixer.  The soup gets really thick from here on and you need some decent horsepower.
  4. - Preheat the oven to 350° – it’s nice to have a double oven, or 3 oven racks because this recipe makes 3 cookie sheets worth of treats. 
  5. 4-thick-mix_tn 5-oven-ready_tn 6-squares_tn
  6. - Add the flour and corn meal slowly, while mixing.  You can see it’s very thick.
  7. - Toss in the oregano and brewers yeast.
  8. - Place the non-stick silicone baking mat on the cookie sheet and spread the mixture almost edge to edge, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick with a heavy spatula.
  9. - Bake at 350° for 30 minutes.
  10. - Slide the liverburger off the silicone mat onto a cutting board and slice into 1 inch squares while warm. 
  11. – Refrigerate or freeze after they cool.

Of course these treats are best made at home.   But afloat or ashore, they’ll be an instant favorite; White Fang and Buck will be drooling for more.  Looking for the main ingredients?  Double D Meats at 5602 – 232nd SW in Mountlake Terrace (425) 778-7363 can fix you up in short order.


Wax Orchards – Oh so good!!!

No Comments 21 March 2010

So I get a call a couple weeks ago from a contractor, Commercial Improvements, who needed a suspended ceiling for a project he was doing at the Woodinville Commerce Center.  A slight coincidence, I started my business back in 1983 doing most of the original tenant improvements at the Woodinville Commerce Center for owner/developer Peter Henning.  Later, I leased one of the warehouse units for a number of years, until I could build my own.  Well…….my buddy Bill and I are working away on a Saturday and along comes the the new tenant.  He was very complimentary of our work and gave us each a jar of Wax Orchards Fudge.  Now compliments are hard to come by in the construction world and gifts, even more so.  You can bet the tolerances on this job will be measured in microns.  Started in 1920 on Vashon Island, Wax Orchards now has a new office/warehouse in Woodinville.

Unlike my better-half, I’m not a chocoholic; I can take it or leave it.  But last night she had a tiny taste on the tip of a spoon and totally swooned.  “This is absolutely Heavenly!” she said.  She’s also a bit picky so I knew it had to be darned good.  Well, for a wee taste of desert this afternoon, we topped a tiny ball of Snoqualmie French Vanilla Custard with a tablespoon (45 cal.) of Wax Orchards Fudge Fantasy and added maybe a teaspoon of crushed walnuts.  What a KNOCKOUT!!  Fudge Fantasy is absolutely the thickest, richest, creamiest, most flavorful fudge on the planet.  It has to be warmed a bit to even be coaxed out of the jar.

“Bite me,” you say……”anything that good has got to be bad for you.”  Not so fast, matey.  Go to the Wax Orchards website; check out nutritional analysis and the endorsements and prepare to be amazed.  Diabetic friendly, fruit-sweetened, heart healthy, fat free, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free…….How can anything taste so good and still be healthy?  After you peruse their product offerings: fudge, syrups, fruit sweeteners,  be sure to surf through the links on their menu bar.  There are a number of recipes that sound fabulous along with health information aimed at diabetes and weight control.  Besides being worthy of your upper-deck, Wax Orchards website is a great resource.  Wax Orchard’s products are sure to be found in the finer and healthier Northwest galleys……Velkommen’s, for sure. 

But, please, don’t take my word for it……..try a bite.


OceanAire Mods – phase 2

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How should I refer to Velkommen’s facelift…er…bottomlift?  Is it a bottom massage with botox or is it a deep-V on steroids?  The old bottom paint has been sanded off.  The chines have been filled and shaped with foam and there’s a layer of fiberglass over the top.  The new hull shape resembles that of a 37′ Tolly…’s easy to compare because our marina-mate from ‘C’ dock, Priceless,  is right next to Velkommen.  I’m so pleased with Jeff Harman’s work.  OceanAire has really come through with a winning combination of pricing, billing, timeliness, and customer service.  (And over the past few years, I’ve grown a bit $en$itive in those areas.)  We are only a few weeks from launch time.  Well, nothing tells a story like pictures, so here are three to help you follow along with the changes.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger pic.

looking-forward_tn looking-aft_tn transom-view_tn

The first pic shows the chine mods looking forward and the second pic looks aft.  The third pic is through the plastic tent, but it’s easy to see the volume that has been filled in.  No more canoe-like shape to the hull.  Keep in mind that this is only a first base coat of glass, which will be sanded smooth before more goes on.  Dura-glass was used to fill any voids in the foam.  Jeff recommended a more traditional and conservative approach to the project, so we don’t have any radical flairs or swooping returns, just a nice nautical hull shape.  I’m really anxious to see how she performs. I’ll post an update as soon as I have more news and pics.

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