Red Star Rogue – the untold story of a Soviet submarine’s nuculear strike attempt on the U.S.

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Red Star RogueWow what a story!  Absolutely exhaustive reasearch has this book placed in the non-fiction category, but there is a good measure of speculation.  Many of the documents are still classified Top Secret, even after 40 years, and are unavailable.  The author, Kenneth Sewell,  is a nuclear engineer and submariner and knows every detail of submarine construction.  He makes an almost airtight case for the Soviet submarine K-129 turning rogue and attempting a nuclear strike on Pearl Harbor…making the attack appear Chinese in origin, with the hope of sparking a war between the U.S. and China.  Heavy stuff!

The K-129 attack failed; she exploded and sank 350 miles North of Hawaii, March 7, 1968.  And then there is the recovery, cloaked in secrecy,  the coverup and the disinformation.  Howard Hughs, the Glomar Explorer, Project Jennifer, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Leonid Brezhnev, Gerald Ford.  If you remember these people and the international tensions of the time, this book will really come alive and transport you back……..and the way these 40 year distant events evolved into today’s reality……absolutely jaw-dropping.  This is Tom Clancy on steroids…..with documentation!

My only criticism:  the book is a little dry and reads a bit more like a report than a novel.  But disregard that; it’s so compelling and its information so timely that is is definitely a MUST READ.  Could terrorists get a nuclear weapon and strike the U.S.?  After 9/11 that threat came to the forefront of everyone’s mind……but in fact, the attempt may have already been made. 

Red Star Rogue……….surf immediately to your favorite bookstore and order it, now.

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