Chasing Science at Sea

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Chasing Science at Sea  is a good read.  Ellen Prager certainly has all the credentials.  The book is not too deep nor too weighty.  The targeted audience would seem to be  High School students pondering the wide world of career choices. 

The stories and anecdotes are wonderful.  I began to think she must have lived her life in double-time to collect so many.  From living in undersea habitats to ooids, to sea slugs, Ellen Prager emphasizes that science can be both really interesting and really fun. 

At the end of the book there is a section titled, Related Web Sites and another section titled Recommended and Related Reading.  Either one of these sections is worth the price of admission.  Having both is a bargain.

Don’t miss this book, even though it seems targeted at the younger audience, it’s good stuff.  Read it then pass it on to your favorite student; in particular, your favorite student fishing for a career path.

Gulf Islands

Killer Shrimp with Cabbage

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A couple of years ago, along about the end of July, I needed a decompression stop.

Puget Sound Thunder, her Captain and crew were quite accomodating.

It’s not often a pod of killers dances around your boat and your pots.  It’s an enchanting experience that most folks will never have.  Add an overnight at Port Browning, a little sightseeing and some beachcombing on Cabbage.  A weekend packed to the gunnels.  But even before it’s over, I want more. 

Even though the images are a couple of years old, I think you will enjoy them…..and the guitar of Buckethead.

Books, Velkommen

Tricks, Cheating & Chingaderos

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If you enjoy beautifully finished wood, here’s the book for you.  Joni has been around Port Townsend for 23 years.  Woodwork, leatherwork and music are her passions.  Port Townsend has a long tradition of wooden boats, so Joni fits right in.

Within this little self published volume are an amazing amount of tips, tricks and product recommendations for just about every sanding and painting task you you might find on a boat.  It won’t give you Joni’s years of experience, but it will put you on the right track.  At $23.00 it’s a bargain.  For that price, it’s a bargain just for the pics of some stunningly beautiful boats.

I’m not fond of the current trend away from exterior wood on boats.  Sure, wood is maintenance intense, but it doesn’t take much well cared for teak to highlight and enhance a boats character.  Perhaps it makes a statement that the boat owner is a “character“, too.  If so, I plead guilty, but I think the subject is worth discussing over a pint or two.

Send a check for $23.00 to Joni Blanchard, P.O. Box 1561, Port Townsend, WA 98368  

She will mail you a book that has more care and craftsmanship between the covers than you are likely to find on any mega-yacht.

As I’ve said before….there are few absolute truths in this world, but one of them most certainly is:  ALL BOATS LOVE MAINTENANCE.  Leveraging the knowledge of a real pro is always a wise investment.

San Juan Islands

San Juan Prawn Video

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What fun! Prawn fishin’ in the San Juans. It doesn’t get much better. ……except maybe eatin’ those fresh little tasties. Ray Robinson, Steve Kuchin and I made a day of it in early May. A successful day, I might add. So I thought I’d put a few pics into Windows Live Movie Maker and turn out a little YouTube vid. During the process I found some interesting music from Modest Mouse, a local NW indie rock band. Some of their tunes have a nautical bent. Next gen Sea Shanties. I like ‘em; hope you do, too.


Maritime Mermories of Puget Sound

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Maritime Memories of Puget Sound was first published in 1976.  It’s still available at places like Amazon by way of other outlets.  The 1st edition hardcover version is probably approaching collectible status, but the paperback is a bargain.  Gibbs did the writing and Williamson the photos, the blend of which is superb.  The history lesson is excellent.  It’s concise, it’s even handed.   Its panorama of the past provides a snapshot of the present and a vision for the future of the greater Puget Sound region.  Especially interesting are the interactions between the Indians and the first white settlers, written before the political correctness epidemic.  It seemes that everyone got along pretty well, but a few bad apples…..ah, you know the rest.  What can be said that hasn’t been said?  Human nature be human nature, mon. 

Don’t wait.  Buy Maritime Memories and dive into it.  Don’t feel like reading?  Buy it for the pics.  You will love it.  It would make a wonderful gift for your favorite bookophile with a taste for the salt of Puget Sound.  If I were King, this book would be required reading in Northwest History 101.

Big thanks to Ray Robinson for the loan of his 1st edition copy.

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