Sex, Drugs and Seaslime

No Comments 27 July 2011

What a great attention grabbing title!  Ellen Prager is at her best when describing the ocean’s oddest creatures and why they matter.  Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime is hugely entertaining, and it’s educational and informative, too.  Some of the ocean’s odd creatures seem like they should be on another planet when Ellen Prager describes how strange they really are.  Her explanations of these unique creatures elevates them from mere curiosities to creatures that have a direct impact on our lives.  Much more than you might suspect.

Especially nice is a more scientific, data based approach, with only a tiny amount of begging for increased funding and a tiny amount of liberal eco hand wringing.  (I’m a global warming denyer, and references to Obama and AlGore definitely turn me off.)

Ellen has lived Marine Biology, and she has all the credentials, too.  Don’t settle for a book by a stuffy desk jockey.  This is the real deal.

Don’t miss it. Order it together with Chasing Science at Sea. Tell your friends……read it twice before you pass it on.

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