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Jay Hartland to the Rescue

No Comments 22 October 2011

Saturday, October 21 was a snotty day. A stiff wind and 45° rain alternating between mist, drizzle and torrential. I had my head in the bilge when I heard the unmistakable sound of twin 454s. The day was so crappy I had to see who was  out puttering around. It was Jay and Vernessa, idling down the fairway between “C” dock and “D” dock aboard Destiny.   After a few minutes my curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what they were up to. Well….just a micro cruise. Enough to get the engines nice and warm for an oil change. After a few minutes of scuttlebutt we saw a tall mast making its way down the fairway between “B” dock and “C” dock. Since the shoreward end of the fairway is all covered moorage, a tall mast meant something was awry. It soon became obvious that the 45 Beneteau was not under command and was being blown down the fairway. Occasionally the skipper seemed to gain a bit of control and would try to initiate a turn, but as soon as he started to come around he was broadside to the wind and moving more quickly toward the steep rocky shoreline. Then he got really close to “C” dock. The dingy he was towing alongside got squeezed between the Beneteau and the pilings untill it went POP…..and expired. The parking lot gave us a better view and we watched until the boat, totally broadside in the fairway was being poked with boathooks and lassoed by well meaning cowboy bystanders. I’m sure the keel found bottom, but probably not long enough for serious damage. There were half a dozen folks on each dock, all trying to help, but really working at odds with one another. A total cluster. I heard Jay say, I can’t take this any longer” and down the ramp he charged. In less than a minute he was barking orders to the befuddled skipper and his hapless mates. The stern was secured and a bowline run down “C” dock as far as it would reach.  Several hearty lads pulled the bow around against the wind and got the pointy end headed down the fairway. There seemed to be some transmission trouble, or at least some confusion regarding the function of the levers on the binnacle. After a few minutes the Beneteau motored down the fairway and into her slip without further incident. An interesting bit of gossip floated down the dock……this was day 1 of a week long charter. OUCH!

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If you look closely, You can see Jay in the third pic in his green sweater between the first two pilings taking charge of the situation. (Better pics next time. All I had handy was an iPhone.)

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Bottom Time on B dock

No Comments 04 October 2011

Jim Gardner showed up on “B” dock today.  New zincs for Synthia.  Twice a year works pretty well for Velkommen, especially with a new galvanic isolator.

Jim’s little Porter-Cable compressor did a fine job as his hookah setup.  It made me think….I’ve got a compressor just like that in the garage.  All I need is the proper filter. Hmmmmm.  And when its time to swap props, change zincs, or maybe just harvest the lettuce off yer hull……give Jim a call. He does a great job and he’s always got a good story to tell.

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Beachcombers’ Alert in the mail

No Comments 03 October 2011

Hot DANG! The latest copy of Beachcombers’ Alert just arrived in the mail. Great articles and info on upcoming Beachcombers Fairs. Of course you are familiar with Flotsametrics and Curtis Ebbesmeyer, but if you have not subscribed to his great quarterly newsletter you are missing out. Keep current with the Beaufort Gyre, Black Guillemots and tsunami debris. A whole evening of reading coming your way four times a year.   A bargain……here’s how to subscribe.

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