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Beachcombers’ Alert – vol. 16 #3

1 Comment 23 January 2012

It’s a great time to be tuned in to Beachcombers’ Alert. The first wave of flotsam from the Japanese tsunami of 3/11/2011 has found its way to Northwest shores.  Some early predictions said it would take two years; why is it arriving so soon? How about a lost underwater camera covering 2,700 miles to be found on a Florida beach. Its adventures include a ride on a sea turtle. How is it possible to know this? How is it possible to find the camera’s owner?  Wonderful detective work. And there is more in this issue. Ever heard of alalone bilster pearls?

I suggest you get your subscription right away.

Be sure to check out Curt’s lastet blog posting, too.  And the companion site:  Flotsametrics and the Floating World.

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Exhaust Elbow Repair

No Comments 12 January 2012

Even products that look absolutely flawless can can occasionally have problems. Right before Christmas I was stretched out in the lazarette attending to a little detail that I wanted to tidy up.  A wire going to the starboard courtesy light was wound around a hydraulic line.  It didn’t bother anything, but without much effort it could be untangled and everything would look much neater.  I had to get my 2XL self into the far corner and reach up under the new stainless steel exhaust elbow to begin.  My sleeve got a little wet; that didn’t seem right.  A little drip seemed to be forming on the underside of the exhaust elbow and one of the welds was not perfectly smooth.  There was a rusty little spot on one of the new ribs that hold the water tank platform.

I didn’t relish the unanticipated job of removing the elbow.  The exhaust hoses are short and stiff and not very forgiving or flexible.   So everything got put on hold until the New Year arrived.  The starboard exhaust elbow came off  easier than expected, but when the exhaust elbow gets removed all the water that is in the muffler spills into the bilge……and I had it so dang clean, too.   Just so you know:  a muffler that looks like it might hold 5 gallons of water spills about 10 gallons of water into the bilge.  Trust me.

National Marine Exhaust was excellent.  Scott built the elbow about 18 months ago.  He polished the weld with a wire wheel and it looked fine, but when he put the torch to it , a big crevasse opened up.  So it got rewelded (extra-beefy) and we added a bonding tab for good measure.

Reinstallation was a joy.  There are not many places to get leverage or to pry against.  But with help from Mark Hanger of Mark’s Marine Repair the elbow finally gave  up and slid into place.  Usually it’s “two steps forward and one step back”; this was probably “one step forward and two steps back”.  But it emphasizes the value of doing business with good local folks who treat ya right, long after the check has cleared.

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Once Upon an Island

No Comments 10 January 2012

What a marvelous book; a wonderful romance.  Wallace Island is the perfect setting.  Totally magical.  If you have visited, then you know the special charm.  The first thought of the island, that first mental image always says, “I want to go back, I must return.”  The island forever calls to all who visit.  Like a leprechaun-land, no one leaves without a little blessing, a gift for the soul……but the hook is:  there can be no thought of the island without a longing to return.

So it’s easy to understand David Conover’s love of Wallace Island and his desire to share that love.  What unfolds is a large pallette of the Gulf Islands, rich with character and characters.  All seen through the lens of a love story, between David and Jeanne, between David and Wallace Island.

In addition to being well written and nicely crafted, Once Upon an Island is a true story.  No doubt there is a bit of “artistic-license” woven in; but it never detracts.  The old black and white photos really lock down the imagery, revealing David Conover’s photographic artistry face to face with his romantic prose.
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This book will make you smile and laugh and enrich your Gulf Island experience.  Whatever you do… this book right away!
Then dig deeper. This book has contains added treasures for those who dare to seek them out. Perhaps a subject for a future post.

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