B Dock, Velkommen

B dock – beginning HDR (high dynamic range)

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No need for bifocals if you click on these pics.
I have much to learn about photography.  High Dynamic Range can produce amazing pictures but there is a learning curve and I’m at the bottom.  But……hey!  Things are lookin’ up.

OK, let’s change the subject.

What did I learn? I need a wider range of exposure values and I need to reduce the noise in complied pic.

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Extra Virginity – the sublime and scandalous world of olive oil

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No, this is not about Popeye’s love life; that subject is a little thin, don’t you think?  Food is a major component of boating.  Flavors grow in the pungent salt air.  It is satisfing  to produce scrumptuous gourmet fare from a small galley.  Gourmet fare is laced with olive oil.  How do you know you are getting the ‘good stuff’?

I had no idea, but I had just purchased an expensive bottle of olive oil with an artistic label from the grocery store.  It didn’t tast any different from the bargain brand I had just finished.

Extra Virginity is an interesting story, well worth the price and time.   Tom Mueller is an exceptionally good writer and an equally good researcher.  Extra Virginity explores the fascinating history of olive oil and the current state of a changing industry.  I had no idea of the dollars involved and the corruption attracted.  I had no idea that huge ocean tankers transported the commodity around the globe.  So I came away with an expanded view of the world economy and a new appreciation of botique venders.  I found Paradiso Olive Oil and Vinegar just a few miles away in Redmond.  Now I can better appreciate the flavors from mild to bold and the blends that accent specific foods.

You wouldn’t use inferior components on your boat.  Put the right olive oil in your galley, and on your table at home, too.  It is so worth the effort.  You can taste the difference.  Extra Virginity will put you on the right course.

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The mystery of the Blue Dolphin

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Here lies the Blue Dolphin on 3-11-2012. A sad ending to a once nice boat.
Below is a Google Earth image from 8-25-2011. You can see the Blue Dolphin tied to the end of the dock. A few informative hotspots have been added.

So what is the mystery? Well, why does the Department of Ecology claim the vessel sank at Shannon Point? She obviously sank right where she has been tied up for a long time……about 200 yards west of the Anacortes terminal of the Guemes Ferry. Shannon Point is 2.3 NM to the west.

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