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The Boys in the Boat

No Comments 01 December 2013

The boys in the Boat is a marvelous piece of work, well written, well researched.   I was intrigued with Daniel Brown’s dual theme of university-level team rowing competition and the rise of Hitler’s Germany.   What an unusual combination.

The description of northwest life in the 1920s and 1930s is seen from the perspective of the young men comprising the UW eight-oar rowing team, Joe Rantz, in particular.  Challenging times for many: the depression, prohibition, Seattle’s soggy disposition.  Easy to become sullen and depressed. Some thrive on adversity and challenge as if they don’t even see it.  Where others see an impassable mountain, they see steps leading to the summit.  Whatever their background, all of these boys were tenacious, competitive and focused.  And, to Brown’s great credit, they are shown as delightfully human: different personalities, backgrounds, motivation, even different body types.  But able to coalesce for a few critical minutes when it really counts.  When winning is the only thing that matters.

If you are a UW alumni this book will be a real treat.






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