Salvage – A personal oddyssey

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Salvage-IanTewWow, what an adventure book.  17 year old Ian Tew begins his maritime career in 1961 as a Junior Cadet aboard the Dara, a 382 ft. passenger cargo ship.  Terrorists detonate a bomb in the engine room and the ship burns; Ian finds himself swiming at night in the Persian Gulf after his lifeboat capsizes.  True story.  And just the beginning.

The body of the book consists of over two dozen chapters, each describing a salvage operation during the period 1974 to 1984 while Ian worked for Selco Salvage, based in Singapore.  The big tugboats used in the salvage operations range from 150′ to 260′ in length.  A vessel most only view from a distance. Salvage – A personal oddyssey introduces the recreational boater to the far greater levels of complexity required for large commercial operations. The details are fascinating.  Often it’s a race against time, tides and weather to refloat a ship, aground on a reef a long way from any assistance.  But, imagine salving a super-tanker, 916′ long, on fire from Iraqi missle hits, in the middle of the Iran-Iraq war. 

Salvage - A personal oddyssey is really high drama, told in Ian’s matter-of-fact British tone; delightfully professional and not aggrandizing. All the events are documented and factual.  Don’t wait, order a copy of Salvage, today.  Better order up two copies:  one for yourself and one for your best boatin’ buddy.  You will learn alot about tugboats, salving and towing; you won’t be able to put it down.



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  1. Tim Bowman says:

    I purchased a copy of the book and it really looks good. It’s nice to read books from genre’s other than what I typically read.

  2. Gerry says:

    I’m sure you will enjoy it, Tim. I have a few more literary recommendations I’ll post, soon. Boat projects have been consuming much of my time, lately. I have not found much time to ride the Dakar between the raindrops.

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