Shadow Divers

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Wow!  What a story….but it’s so much bigger than that.  Shadow Divers is the true story of a German WW2 U-boat and it’s crew.  A true story of two divers, John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, chasing discovery and adventure.  Although it’s unspoken, both are chasing their future.  The future that brings them face to face with death and forges a bond with an encrusted sub and it’s entombed crew lying 60 miles from the New Jersey coast.  The mysteries and twists could only have been unravelled by Schicksalsgemeinschaft – a community bound by fate – in which each man is dependent on the other.  Only Gandalf could have forseen how this story would unwind over the course of more than 50 years and in two parellel universes:  one below the waves and one above.

Adventurers that dive deep wrecks are preparation freaks.  They have to be or they don’t last long.  The preparation must be so thorough that all the correct choices are habit and no aspect of research is left to chance.  Those characteristics are so dominant that a casual view might only see obsessive/compulsive behavior, but that would be myopic.  The bigger picture is what eye-widening revelations are made of. 

The currents running through the book are contagious.  The author Robert Kurson became caught in the thrill, too.  Lucky for him and the readers.  The book becomes a destiny, revealing the glue that binds humanity, revealing how history works its magic over time.  It is the human experience; to live is to seek…..running for the meta.  But the metaphor is much more total.  We, yes we humans, crew a boat called the Seeker; we are a community bound by fate.

Don’t wait.  Buy this book immediately.  Don’t miss the interactive NOVA site, either.  John Chatterton’s promotional vid is nice, but I can so relate to Richie’s vid.  And I love how he ends it:  “Why do people ski between the trees and go off the rocks……because they feel it’s something they have to do.  That’s why I do it.”  Hey Richie….enough said.  SFD.



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  1. Tim says:

    I’ll second Gerry’s recommendation. It’s a great read.

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