Gulf Islands

Killer Shrimp with Cabbage

1 Comment 18 June 2011

A couple of years ago, along about the end of July, I needed a decompression stop.

Puget Sound Thunder, her Captain and crew were quite accomodating.

It’s not often a pod of killers dances around your boat and your pots.  It’s an enchanting experience that most folks will never have.  Add an overnight at Port Browning, a little sightseeing and some beachcombing on Cabbage.  A weekend packed to the gunnels.  But even before it’s over, I want more. 

Even though the images are a couple of years old, I think you will enjoy them…..and the guitar of Buckethead.



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  1. Open says:

    The Gulf Islands are wonderful – we have our cabin on De Courcy – it’s relaly small, has no bridge access, so you have to have a boat to get there. Very quiet. The first shot is of a very tiny island that appears at low tide. It’s covered in white sand and broken barnacles. We call is the Bahamas! We often take our sea chest there and hang out. When the tide comes back up, it’s gone. It looks like the tropics there!

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