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Secret Coastline II – more journeys and discoveries along BC’s shores

0 Comments 26 June 2012

I just finished Secret Coastline and now I’m knee deep in Secret Coastline 2.   I’ve never met Andrew Scott.   But I’m certain he’s been in my library any number of evenings, laughing and telling stories, and perhaps enjoying a bit of port.  He seems like an old friend, formalities and pretenses set aside.  He’s a naturalist, a biologist, a botanist, a geologist, historian and a mariner.  A new-age adventurer (and researcher).

Five years separates Secret Coastline from Secret Coastline 2.  The topics/chapters are divided into four groups:  natural history, kayaking, communities and islands.  The style is informative and friendly; Scott is having a conversation with the reader.  His art is the ability to take a large subject, like an island, and walk through the flora and fauna, terrestrial and aquatic, and mix in the history and the imagery of the coastline.  Without being preachy or teachy the reader is befriended.  Scott is a romantic and would be excellent as B.C.’s Minister of Tourism.  He is saddened to see the aging of the B.C. coast.  Bits and pieces of her glory floating away.  Diversity replaced with uniformity.  He makes a plea for ecotourism to save the day.  Even though it may only prolong the inevitable…..why not celebrate optimism?  You know it’s infectious.

Secret Coastline 2 is wonderful.  There may not be any higher praise for B.C.’s salty shores.  It is impossible to read these articles and and not be captivated: motivated to break free, visit, taste, experience.  Maybe try an extended stay:  a moveable feast……just a long way from Paris.  But worth every minute.



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