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Secret Coastline – journeys and discoveries along B.C.’s shores

0 Comments 15 June 2012

Here is a really nicely written book.   The scenic B.C. coastline is filled with history and legends, a more wonderful topic would be hard to find.  But a great subject is only part of the equation.  The writer must infuse the pages with a warm personal glow that draws the reader forward.  Andrew Scott does just that.   Secret Coastline is a series of essays combining delightful storytelling and literary craftsmanship.  It is a wonderful journal of memorable people, unique creatures, magical places and stalwart boats.  The subject  might be most anything along the B.C. coast, told from the perspective of someone who has studied it carefully from the biggest island to the smallest plant.

Coastal B.C. vistas are bold and rugged.  Big trees, bigger mountains, massive cliffs dropping to an island studded expanse of sea.  All the boldness is balanced by a delicate and fragile side, so it is natural to include an environmental component.  Instead of in-your-face activism, Andrew Scott shows respect for the coastal landscape by gliding his kayak and his words ever so gently along the shoreline and through the coves and inlets.  Andrew Scott’s storytelling is captivating and his descriptive imagery softly persuasive.  Asking the reader to see the coastline as Andrew Scott sees it.  An exquisite view.  Sometimes bittersweet, challenging and marked with only small successes, but Scott finds joy and optimism wherever he looks, projecting the promise of a positive tomorrow.  What a healthy perspective.  Refreshing!

Through the words of Secret Coastline, I have seen many places and met many people.  It is soon time to do that in person; be part of the history.  If you enjoy boating and have a fondness for the Northwest… can’t afford to be without this book.  Read  Secret Coastline your Northwest experience will be so enriched.



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