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Journeys through the Inside Passage

No Comments 03 November 2012

Here’s a book that should be required reading, not only for those interested in the Inside Passage, but for all aficionados of good writing.  At first, I was confused by the format of ot the book:  Little vignettes of Joe’s personal experiences, then history lessons surrounding the same location along with legends passed down by old timers.  Often, this format does not work very well.  It can be jarring and disconnected.  That’s what I expected….DANG, was I ever wrong.

The entire length of the Inside Passage, from Seattle to Skagway, is Joe Upton’s poem.  Like you might imagine the ancestral stories of a native people passed down for generations.   Journeys Through the Inside Passage cannot be captured with a clever word or phrase.  Joe Upton paints a picture with his words.  He shows a sea with without eyes and conscience, only rhythm.  Ebb and flow, storm and calm.  A piece of music.  He illustrates the lives that sway to this rhythm:  A melody.  Each chapter is a movement in a symphony.

Totally marvelous – highest praise.

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Alaska, Books, Velkommen

Hand Troller

No Comments 19 August 2012

Absolutely one of the finest books I have read.  That doesn’t mean it is not embellished and enhanced here and there, typical of the best fish stories.  Hand Troller captures the bold Alaskan way of life on the water as told by a small time fisherman.  A vanishing breed; a vanishing way of life.  But Mike McConnell is not bitter, he is grateful for a life that has encompassed large vistas, honest friendships and the thrill of fighting a big king salmon.  The splendor of self recognition in an untamed world.

The dialog is a treat.  It is spoken right from the deck and right from the dock.  It will have you laughing until your glasses fog over.  The story is told so honestly that the characters quickly become  friends.  A rare bond develops.

Most will never experience SE firsthand.  The turned pages of a book will have to substitute for the roll of the boat, the aroma of strong coffee and the sound of fresh caught salmon sizzling in the pan.    Please…….give yourself a wonderful gift.  Buy Hand Troller.  Share it.  Read it to your spouse, read it to your kids.

This is the real deal.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t let it be the one that got away.

Click the front cover to see the back.

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