Essential Marigold Bouillon

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Marigold Bouillon Powder

Marigold Bouillon Powder

I was recently introduced to Marigold Bouillon Powder. What a find !!! This is not at all like the ‘too salty’ and ‘too strong’ little cubes that I come to mind when I think of bouillon. This is a great tasting powdered product that can be used as a seasoning, all by itself…..or used to make stock or used as a hot drink. Just one teaspoon in a cup of hot water makes a delightful beverage with only 17 calories per cup.
None of the local stores seem to carry the Marigold brand, perhaps because it’s an English company with products made in Switzerland. I finally tracked it down on Amazon. Amazon shows both a standard and a ‘reduced salt’ vegetable bouillon available. I chose the reduced salt variety. It came in a 6 pack with each little container being 150 grams or 5.29 ounces. Translated: each container is about 2/3 of a soda pop can in size. So the price tag for six of these was $33.23 plus shipping.
So, the next time you do some shopping at Amazon, be sure to add some of this marvelous bouillon to your shopping cart. It has all of the nautical attributes: easy storage, multiple uses, all natural/no preservatives, flavorful and lo-cal. How can a nice hot mug of this stuff be only 17 calories? I thought everything really good was high-calorie…….I guess there are exceptions to every rule.

Avast. Just try it…’ll like it…….guaranteed.



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