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Girl Hunter – revolutionalizing the way we eat, one hunt at a time

0 Comments 05 February 2012

….Girl Hunter should win a National Book Award. Vegans, vegitarians, beware….you are mere adolescents. This is adult stuff. Meat with no excuses. Read it… enthralled.

Girl Hunter: instantly the neurons flash — cool-stud-out-cruisin’-on-a-hot-summer……whoa!! There’s a picture of a girl with a shotgun and a skillet on the cover. That nano-second disconnect is the first clue. This book is wicked good! Beautiful writing, fabulous recipes and very unique perspective on hunting and eating and……….on life. This is a book that your hunting buddy will enjoy and his wife will enjoy even more. My recommendation: order several copies. By the time you have finished a few chapters you will want your friends to be reading this one, too.

Sometimes a book comes along that is so good I just have to blog on it, even though it does not have a maritime bias. So read it on your boat or just put on your watch cap and reading glasses. Georgia Pellegrini has moved the conversation to the next level.

Fascinating trip. Welsley College, Investment Banker, Lehmann Bros. – boring or perhaps she saw the writing on the wall. Food is good – French Culinary Institute. Restaurants in France and New York. So if you want the finest vegtables you grow them, but if you want the finest meats they won’t come from the organic garden. They are found in a more rugged backyard and must be harvested and prepared on a more personal level, one on one. Grab the Over-and-Under.

Eleven delicious chapters with prose so compact and rich you can taste the tenderloin. This book is a great read just for the eloquence and imagery, not to mention the uncommon theme and rare perspective. And the recipes……Mmmmmm!!

I recieved generous permission to include two of Georgia’s recipes. Click on the thumbnail for the recipe as a pdf.

Buttermilk Fried Rabbit

Moroccan Elk Stew

From the book Girl Hunter by Georgia Pellegrini. Excerpted by arrangement with Da Capo Lifelong, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2011.
Keep in mind these recipes work well for free-range game from the supermarket, too.

Be sure to check out Georgia’s web site: and her saucy YouTube vid. I hope she visits the Pacific NorthWet and gives us a Seafood Sequel.



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