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Beachcombers’ Alert – vol. 16 #3

1 Comment 23 January 2012

It’s a great time to be tuned in to Beachcombers’ Alert. The first wave of flotsam from the Japanese tsunami of 3/11/2011 has found its way to Northwest shores.  Some early predictions said it would take two years; why is it arriving so soon? How about a lost underwater camera covering 2,700 miles to be found on a Florida beach. Its adventures include a ride on a sea turtle. How is it possible to know this? How is it possible to find the camera’s owner?  Wonderful detective work. And there is more in this issue. Ever heard of alalone bilster pearls?

I suggest you get your subscription right away.

Be sure to check out Curt’s lastet blog posting, too.  And the companion site:  Flotsametrics and the Floating World.



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1 comment

  1. Tim Bowman says:

    I received my copy last week and the article is fabulous.

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