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Gulf Islands

Killer Shrimp with Cabbage

1 Comment 18 June 2011

A couple of years ago, along about the end of July, I needed a decompression stop.

Puget Sound Thunder, her Captain and crew were quite accomodating.

It’s not often a pod of killers dances around your boat and your pots.  It’s an enchanting experience that most folks will never have.  Add an overnight at Port Browning, a little sightseeing and some beachcombing on Cabbage.  A weekend packed to the gunnels.  But even before it’s over, I want more. 

Even though the images are a couple of years old, I think you will enjoy them…..and the guitar of Buckethead.

San Juan Islands

San Juan Prawn Video

No Comments 05 June 2011

What fun! Prawn fishin’ in the San Juans. It doesn’t get much better. ……except maybe eatin’ those fresh little tasties. Ray Robinson, Steve Kuchin and I made a day of it in early May. A successful day, I might add. So I thought I’d put a few pics into Windows Live Movie Maker and turn out a little YouTube vid. During the process I found some interesting music from Modest Mouse, a local NW indie rock band. Some of their tunes have a nautical bent. Next gen Sea Shanties. I like ‘em; hope you do, too.


Water Tank Replacement and a Few Other Things – Phase 4

No Comments 20 February 2011

The water tank installation is moving along.  Perhaps slowly, but I’m addressing other items as they show up during the process.  This is a new type of remodel for me,  in a less than ergonomically perfect space.  Did I mention I’m getting much more limber?  I don’t need yoga or stretching classes now.  The pic to the left shows the starboard platform made from 3/4″ plywood with 6 coats of  Pettit Old Salem 2018 sealer.  The notches in the side correspond with the ribs and the holes allow any condensation to drain into the bilge.  The outboard holes are larger so there’s  a chance of retrieving a stray fitting that ends up against the stringer.  At least it’s possible to see into the space. The second image shows the port tanks as they sit on their platform.  They are held in place by a through-bolted oak rail and 2″ seatbelt webbing. The U-bolts are a SeaChoice bow eye from Northeast Marine Parts.  They cinch up the webbing until nothing moves. The oak rail is painted with gray primer so it contrasts with the platform and the tanks. Eventually, all wood gets 3 coats of gray primer and 3 coats of gloss gray. There will be a thin rubber mat between the tanks and the platform. Everything is modular and can be disassembled into individual components rather easily. I want to make future modifications and maintenance as easy as possible.   The design received the approval of Captain Ray, so with a few coats of gray paint we are good to go. 

The original design was stout and secure, and I can see how it went went together quickly, but it certainly did not make the best use of the confined space.  As projects go, working on a boat is OK.  There is social time at the dock, new tools are always a good thing, and there is always a touch of pride working through an idea, twisting it every which way, until it actually works better than the original.


Sooke 2009 – Fishing and Exploring Aboard Puget Sound Thunder

1 Comment 21 December 2010

Back in July 2009, Ray Robinson and I ran out to Sooke aboard Puget Sound Thunder.  There are times when it’s really nice to have a fast boat, not to mention a skipper capable of handling one.  We packed in quite a bit in three short days.  I finally processed the pics after reviewing the memories.  I bottled them up with Windows Live Movie Maker and received generous permission from Alex Hertz at Blue Note to use a couple of tracks from McCoy Tyner’s superb album “Guitars”.  Enjoy the ride….Enjoy this Holiday Season.   Merry Christmas!

You can watch the video here, in regular mode, or watch in  high definition and full screen by going directly to YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHCrRQGNolA.  Select the 720p HD or 1080 HD option from the drop down menu and then select the ‘full screen’ button.  The Esc key will let you exit full screen mode.  High definition requires Big Bandwidth.  If the movie does not flow seamlessly, drop back to standard 360p mode.

Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands

Photo Story slideshow – Chatterbox and Princess Louisa Inlet

No Comments 24 October 2010

 Microsoft has a cool little program called Movie Maker and now there’s a version called Live Movie Maker.    Both are free downloads and provide a fun format for sharing pics and travels.  Ray Robinson and I took a little adventure trip to Chatterbox Falls and Princess Louisa Inlet in July of 2008.  Her’s my first attempt at producing a little photo story and publishing it to the web.  It took me a little time to edit the pics and climb the learning curve, whch is (thankfully) not too steep.  I had fun putting the pieces together; I hope you enjoy it. 

Mmmmm, can’t wait to see Princess Louisa again.  What fun to be there right now.

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