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Edmonds Yacht Club – 4th of July at Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez Island

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EYC 4th of July Cruise from Gerald Albertson on Vimeo.

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Whiskey Cove

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Whiskey Cove .  Interesting book.  And worthwhile reading just for the history lesson.  If you are familiar with the greater Seattle area, Bellingham and the San Juan Islands, the setting will seem like your backyard.  Prohibition was an exciting time (1919 to 1933), and Western Washington an exquisite backdrop for a story that spans the lifetime of one of the main characters.  Big money, organized crime, bootleggers, fast boats and plenty of quality legal alcohol just a few miles North.  Now wrap these threads within the lives of two Bellingham college students and you have all the pieces necessary for a great read.  Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Treasure Island…..mixed with a more adult college-years romantic theme

Denise Frisino has all the components on her screen to weave a really good literary tapestry.  But she is her own worst enemy.  She has all the skills of a good writer, but editing is not among them.  Descriptions are too verbose and repetitive, not compact and tight.  She is in love with her own writing, as if she were her own audience.  Then, when the really good stuff is about to happen, high tide with Nate and Jean locked in a hungry tongue-touching kiss…….. Denise turns on the cold shower and the narrative leaps to the next day.   Hey, the juicy in-between stuff is what’s important.  Turn up the heat.   What happened to all the romantic descriptive prose?  Shy?

An editor would have cut the fat from Whiskey Cove and replaced it with PASSION.

Good book, but it is really a first draft.  A good first draft; lots of potential.  The adult and adolescent themes need to expand and join like the flavors of a fine meal.  The history of Northwest rumrunning is fascinating and colorful, but it’s really background.  The dance of two young lovers is the expansive, but sadly underdeveloped, theme.  Expand on the romance and prune the prose mercilessly.  Please.

San Juan Islands

San Juan Prawn Video

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What fun! Prawn fishin’ in the San Juans. It doesn’t get much better. ……except maybe eatin’ those fresh little tasties. Ray Robinson, Steve Kuchin and I made a day of it in early May. A successful day, I might add. So I thought I’d put a few pics into Windows Live Movie Maker and turn out a little YouTube vid. During the process I found some interesting music from Modest Mouse, a local NW indie rock band. Some of their tunes have a nautical bent. Next gen Sea Shanties. I like ‘em; hope you do, too.


Full Moon Flood Tide – Bill Proctor’s Raincoast

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I have heard it said that the Broughton Archepelago is more scenic than the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands put together.  Hard to imagine, but that alone should provide enough incentive for an extended visit.  Bill Proctor is an “old-timer” in the Johnstone Strait and Broughtons area.  This book is a collection of his memories and experiences: people, places and events.  Part fisherman, part logger, part naturalist, part conservationist, with an evolving perspective as the tide lifts the past into the future.

At first, I found the book difficult to read because the places talked about didn’t match up to the map on the facing page.   But I found myself reading a chapter here and another ancedote there; reading it out of sequence, rather like it is written; a little bit every day or two.  It took a long time to finish.  I read any number of the short chapters several times.  In the process, I felt like I came to know Bill Proctor and the area he calls home.    It’s like that aromatic loaf of fresh banana bread.  I don’t sit down and eat the whole thing; I enjoy one little slice and then another, and after a week or so it’s time to bake more. 

If you plan on cruising the Broughtons, Full Moon Flood Tide will give you a boatload of places to explore; places that you might miss without a bit of local knowledge.  Starting at Anacortes, it is less than 200 miles To Johnstone Strait and a little more to the Broughtons.  Are we there yet?

Big thanks to Bill and Sharon Robertson for loaning me their copy.  Bill is entering the waypoints at this very moment.
Click on the map and push the throttles up a notch.
Are we there yet?

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