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3 Comments 09 May 2011

Hey! I just received my first issue of Beachcombers’ Alert!, Curtis Ebbesmeyer’s newsletter. What a treat! Great articles: The Golden Bouy, Coins in a Squash Bank, Mystery Ball, Newfoundland Lobster Pot Tag Orbits Atlantic and more. Beachcombing is a fabulous activity that the whole family can enjoy. A boat is not even a requirement.  There is a whole universe of exploration and discovery right along the wrack line:  shells, glass balls, rubber duckies…..maybe a message in a bottle.  There is a lifetime of learning right on the beach, right in front of anyone who will take the time to look.  Tides, waves, currents, shells, unusual plants and animals, driftwood, floatsam and jetsam of all sorts.  It’s an adventure at your feet.

Go ahead, spend the $17.50 for a subscription. You can even give a gift subscription.  How cool it that?  Download a sample issue from 2008 and see what you have been missing.  I’ve already blogged about Curtis Ebbesmeyer’s book:  Flotsametrics and the Floating World.  Now I’m tuned in to Beachcombers’ Alert!  I think it’s an ideal adjunct to being a boat owner in the Great Pacific Northwet; just one more reason to explore those out-of -the-way beaches and islands.

Keep tuned in to Beachcomber Fairs.



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  1. Tim says:

    We’ve been to the Beachcomber’s event at Ocean Shores several times. It’s a cool event and we’ve done some beach combing. There’s also a neat book out about Flotsam & Jetsam called, “Tracking Trash” by Loree Griffin Burns. I highly recommend it.

  2. Gerry says:

    It sounds like great fun. I hope to make the next one…..maybe a motorcycle destination, if the weathermen cooperates.

  3. In 2014, the 27TH ANNUAL BEACHCOMBERS’ FUN FAIR will be held March 1st and 2nd. Please see for details. Hope to see you there!

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