Christmas is a New Beginning

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Merry Christmas to all wanderers, however near or far away.  December 25 is an excellent time to look at a project or two that are rapidly closing up and to look forward to the adventures just beginning. 

“Velkommen’s” VHF antennas were mounted near the top of the radar arch.  That maximizes the height but it places the ratchet mounting in a very difficult to reach location.  Of course, the antennas are too high to go under the roof of the covered moorage and must be raised or lowered each time we come or go.



The new antenna mounting location is on the side of the flying bridge.  Not quite as high, but they fit under the roof  and the Shakespeare Ratchet Mount #5187 is easy to reach if any adjustment is necessary.  The new antennas are both Shakespeare Galaxy #5225-XT.  The antennas and ratchets were purchased from Dave’s Marine Electronics.  Good prices, good service.

Cutting holes in a boat is a bit unnerving, even well above the waterline.  But it had to happen if I was going to add stout backing to the ratchet mount.

050---Antenna-backing_tn 038---Ratchet-Mount_tn 007-Cable_tn
009-Trim_tn 010-Closed_tn 034---Velkommen-Interior_tn

I used a Beckson 6″ deckplate in beige with plywood backing similar to the ratchet mount. The flange of the deckplate hides the backing in the pics. The backing is 9/16″ plywood sheathing, urethaned and primered followed by 3/16″ aluminum plate. All bedded in 3M 4200. The blue masking tape is to keep the shoe of the saber saw from marking the gelcoat. For the cable penetration I used the Sea Dog 1/4″ Cable outlet. Even though all screws were going into plywood backing, I wanted to use the proper size so they would grip the fiberglass, too. The guidelines I found were an 1/8″ pilot hole for a #6 screw, 9/16″ for #8 and 5/32″ for a #10.

Great product

Great product

I have to mention what a treat it was to work with the Shakespeare Centerpin Connector. Why can’t everything work this well? They are reuseable, no soldering, no stress, no problems. Working with coax has always been a pain for me because I don’t do it that often. Ten bucks well spent. Sweet.

So here’s looking forward to the 2010 boating season…..and a few more little projects. Well……it’s a boat…..the projects never end.  In fact, it’s probably a really bad sign when there are no more little projects on a boat….



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