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Deep-Sea Detectives…..marine mysteries and forensic science

0 Comments 20 February 2012

Peter Limberg is a good storyteller. Deep-Sea Dectctives looks at the sinkings of a number of vessels and the methods used to discover the cause.  Some of the stories I was familiar with but many of them were new to me.  The writing style is a pleasure, just as if Peter were sitting in the living room telling the story.   Especially nice is the way the facts are presented, with the value judgements left to the reader.  Often there are multiple causes:   a storm, a rogue wave, an error in judgement, lack of maintenance.  Maybe insurance fraud or just plain bad luck.  Some will forever remain mysterious.  The technology used for underwater forensics is changing rapidly in favor of remote controlled unmanned submersibles.  But even the finest technology is often no match for the sea.

Read the book.  You will enjoy every page if you are intrigued by the depths.  The indie bookstores have it for bargain prices.  Buy two and surprise a friend.



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