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More Faster Backwards: rebuilding David B

0 Comments 07 March 2012

It is great fun to read books with a local flair.  So much of the scene is already created, it’s easy to form mental images of the places and events.  Restoring an old wooden boat is a romantic undertaking, probably foolish from an accountants viewpoint, probably inevitable from a dreamers window.  The David B began life as a bowpacker, built to haul fish.  Now she is hauling passengers and the dreams of Jeffrey and Christine Smith.  The David B is a relic of the last century and she will be forever trying to slide back in time, return to her roots, no matter how much hard work and money is expended on her.  She is a callous-producing, sliver-inducing constant reminder that all things are temporary.  She thrives on love but can fade in the space between heartbeats.

What do you say to a young couple intent on rebuilding an 80+ year old boat?  You give ‘em all the encouragement you can.  And a big smile, because they are following their dream.  Do you think dreams run More Faster Backwards?

Good book.  Fun read.  Best if you are a Northwest type.  Severely in need of an editor.  Christine throws in an awkward F-bomb occasionally.  I talked to her about it at the 2012 Seattle Boat Show.  She bristled and said she was trying to be authentic.  I call BS.  Authentic dock language is much stronger than her writing.  That’s why I take exception to this detail.  She is trying to sell a book and promote a fledgeling cruise buisness.  No need for gratuitous language.  No need to alienate potential customers.  Polish the brightwork, pump the bilges over the side.

A romantic’s words:  “I want to be authentic.”  Quite lovely, often bittersweet.  The David B needs constant maintenance, the cruise buisness is crowded and competive, the economy is soggy, the weather more soggy.  Following a dream in a niche market.  AHOY.  I wish you luck and a sharp eye.  Long live your love.  Long live the David B.

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