OceanAire Mods – phase 3

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Jeff Harman
Jeff Harman

It’s so nice to see a business owner who is a craftsman, too.  Probably was a craftsman first, before becoming a business owner.  As the ink is drying, it’s not the handshake that instills confidence, it’s the callouses within the handshake.

That these are lean times for boatbuilders, contractors and many others is no secret.  Times where we all have to pull together to see our dreams and aspirations move forward. Times where a man has to do what he knows how to do. It’s good to see OceanAire representing the craftsmanship that’s the backbone of the Tollycraft heritage.  But craftsmanship is only one part of the equation…..another is styling.  Robert “Tolly” Tollefson had an unusual gift for yacht styling and design.  I like to think I see the same gift in action as Jeff Harman crafts a more modern design to the hull shape of Velkommen.

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02-port-1_tn 03-port-2_tn 04-port-3_tn
05-starboard_tn 06-OceanAire_tn Tolly-2010_tn

 I think “Tolly” would approve, don’t you?  And I hope the boating community can pull together, and support one another as the tides rise and fall…..if, for no other reason, to show our children that our genes still carry the strength of our forefathers and to assure them that theirs do as well.

Here’s “Tolly” on his 99th birthday; may the boats we enjoy have similar longevity.



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