OceanAire Mods – phase 5

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001-OceanAire-Mods_tn Jeff Harman sent me some pics a few days ago, and I’m just getting around to posting them. You can see the nice job of tenting that was done around Velkommen. Standing room all the way around. The sanding dust is really fine, like flour; they did a perfect job of containing it. I really appreciate Velkommen being in OceanAire’s nice heated building through this process rather than standing in the middle of a soggy cold boatyard.  Pic #4 really highlights the chine area that was filled. The final and most streamlined series of 34′ Sedans that Tollycraft produced only had the slightest hint of this indented shape, but some folks have gone to the effort of filling them in, slight though they are, in an effort to get the maximum from the hull. Not everyone has an eye for nice flowing lines, and alot fewer can actually visualize them and then create them……on the odd surface of a boat hull.  It requires a pretty special touch, artistry and creativity squeezed from visions, added to a few basic materials, stirred with callouses…….to produce a flowing shape that glides smoothly through a liquid.   Bravo!!  A dream becomes a reality.  And what is reality you ask?  Reality is the union of the rational and the irrational.  Does that sound like a boat?  I think it’s nautical enough and mathmatically sound.                                                                                             There was one through-hull fitting that was located in the chine area.  It was removed, the hole patched and then it was reinstalled once the chines were filled and fiberglassed.  Jeff found the fiberglass work from the original shaft installation to be a little rough, so that area was filled and sanded to be as smooth as the rest of the hull.  The trim tabs were removed so the epoxy primer coat and the bottom paint could be continuous, all the way to the bottom of the swim step.
The first epoxy primer coat is black, the second gray; Sherwin Williams Seaguard 6000 Marine Epoxy was used.  The first coat of bottom paint is blue and the final two are black, using  Seaguard Ablative Antifouling Coating  at a rate of 1 to 1.5 gallons per coat.  Everyone has probably heard of Sherwin Williams as a house paint, but I was unfamiliar with their Protective and Marine division, which is rather impressive.  If their coatings are good enough for the USS Yorktown and the USS Parche, I’m sure they will do a fine job on Velkommen.
002-OceanAire-Mods_tn 011-OceanAire-Mods_tn
003-OceanAire-Mods_tn 012-OceanAire-Mods_tn
004-OceanAire-Mods_tn 013-OceanAire-Mods_tn
005-OceanAire-Mods_tn 014-EpoxyCoat1_tn
006-OceanAire-Mods_tn 015-EpoxyCoat2_tn
007-OceanAire-Mods_tn 016-BottomPt-Coat1a_tn
008-OceanAire-Mods_tn 017-BottomPt-Coat1b_tn
009-OceanAire-Mods_tn 018-BottomPt-Coat1c_tn

It’s going to be exciting to exerience the new hull shape.  If the handling is less ‘tender’ we are on the right track.  Here are a few pics to make it easy to contrast the original shape with the new.  When the black wears down to blue, I’m off to the Sherwin Williams store.

019-Darrin-painting_tn 020-new-shape_tn 021-chine-fill_tn



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