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Chuckanut Brewery

Chuckanut Brewery

Hey Hey!!  Another rainy trip to Bellingham.  Might as well visit Jeff Harman and Velkommen; there is no point in trying to mow the lawn, it’s soggy everywhere.  We did not get a particularly early start, and tired of Interstate 5 we tried Hwy 9 for a more woodsy drive North.  Arriving in Bellingham, lunch took top priority.  Just down the street from OceanAire Yachts is the Chuckanut Brewery and kitchen.  We took a chance……and what a delight. alt_glass Luann had the BLT; I had the BBQ Beef.  Both came with yam fries and chipotle sauce.  Now, I was a bit sceptical about yam fries, but, hey….don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.  YUM-YUM!!   The food and service were excellent, and the schooner of Altbier was really, really good. It turns out they have won some prestigious brewing awards. No wonder it was really good.  Mighty convenient of  ‘em to locate just a few blocks from OceanAire Yachts, too.

So what’s new with Velkommen you ask?  Well, Jeff and David  have finalized the hull shape.  The old rounded chines are gone, filled in and faired out.  Small irregularities are being filled with durabond and sanded smooth.  I really like the new lines.  I like the way the chines transition to the new shape at the forward quarter, then flow aft with a slight return flair.
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01-forward-transition_tn 02-port-looking-forward_tn 03-transition_tn
04-slight-flair_tn 05-starboard-flair_tn 06-nice-lines_tn

It looks to me as though this sort of work is half technical, knowing the proper products and their sequence, and half artistry. A keen eye for nice lines that blend with the rest of the hull as if it had always been that way. Now, I’ve got a pretty critical eye for that sort of thing. I make no claims of being an artist…..but I know what I like and what I don’t like, without exception. Well…..I like these lines. I can see craftsmanship and pride in the way they are being faired to finished product. High praise to Jeff Harman and crew at OceanAire Yachts.  A little more sanding and tweeking, then an epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint and Velkommen will be ready for the San Juan Islands and beyond.



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  1. Mark says:

    Great Blog ! Saw the boat at Oceanaire a few weeks back. Looks great! Hope to see you at Roche this year. Cheers!

  2. dan groenke says:

    What is the goal behind making this hull change?

  3. Gerry says:

    The goal is to make the boat more stable and comfortable particularly when on plane which happens at about 11-1/2 to 12 knots. I think the idea behind the hull design was to have less wetted surface and hence less drag when up on plane. That’s a fine goal, but what happens is that there is no hard chine to “catch you” when you make a little turn or cross some waves or a wake at an odd angle. The boat falls off to the side until the chine catches it. Up on the flybridge the motion seems severe and almost violent. At the lower helm, it is not nearly so disconcerting. At slower speeds I think the boats rolls from side to side more than it should, because the hull is more canoe-like. So, the goal would be to increase stability, drivabiliy and comfort. I like the lines of the boat and alot of other things, too….but this hull shape not did not last long in the Tolly lineup. Since it was time for a new epoxy barrier coat and new bottom paint….this was the prime time to make the hull shape look similar to most other boats.

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