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2 Comments 25 January 2011

Right before Thanksgiving, I asked Jim Gardner at Bottom Time Diving to check the status of Velkommen’s zincs and bottom paint.   He wasn’t feeling well so he asked one of his dive buddies to take a look.  The report was not good.  Bottom paint in great shape but the props and rudders looked very weird.  It didn’t really look like electrolysis, but he had no other explanation.  That really left no choice but to put Velkommen on the hard the sooner the better.  The problem was that between work and holidays I just couldn’t find the time to get it done promply.  I called Jeff Harman at OceanAire Yachts for his input since he had applied the epoxy barrier coat along with new Sherwin Williams bottom paint and a Petit 6006 Prop Coat on the props and rudders last spring.  He said he was not happy with Petit Prop Coat 6006 and no longer used it. On January 14th she came out of the water at Cap Sante Marine for a good examination.  I’ve heard that pictures say a thousand words, so to avoid being overly verbose:

Bottom paint: wonderful!
Bottom paint over the new chine mods: double wonderful!!
Props and rudders: Too strange?!?!

The Petit Propcoat 6006 coating had failed. Less than a year ago, when it was applied it was clear and rubbery, about 1/4″ thick. What was left was thin, splotchy and adhesive-like. Rather like the residue that is left if you tear the flap off a sealed envelope. The good news is that the residue came off easily with a little elbow grease and sandpaper. As a precaution, however, we removed the trim tabs and rebedded them with plenty of 3M 5200 and new stainless steel screws plus new stainless steel bolts for bonding wire attachment. The transom zinc was removed and new 3/8″ stainless steel studs installed and locked down to the bonding wires. Even though no evidence of electrolysis was found, we attacked the problem as though it had. After all, it’s a boat…..better to be safe than sorry. We even installed a ProMariner Galvanic Isolator. the final step was to apply Petit Zinc Coat Barnacle Barrier 1792.  January 18th Velkommen is back in the water.  There was an eagle perched on a nearby sailboat mast all morning.  As Velkommen rode the travel-lift toward the water he finally took flight.  It must be a good omen for a high-flyin’ boating season right around the corner.

Guess what I discovered when I stopped at the Petit Paint booth at the Great 2011 Seattle Boat Show? Petit has discontinued Prop Coat 6006 and recommends Zinc Coat Barnacle Barrier 1792, instead. Right on!  BIG Thanks to Mark Hanger of Mark’s Marine Repair and Ray Robinson of Robinson Woodworking for ensuring that all the details got done expediently and perfectly.  Attention to detail is such a blessing in the salt water environment.

Cap Sante Marine did the heavy lifting and found space in their yard while the projects were completed.  The service manager, John James, runs a tight ship.



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  1. Tim says:


    Do you have any recourse for the bad coatings?

  2. Gerry says:

    I’m going to check it out with a phone call, at least. I expect that pursuing the issue might not be particularly cost effective, however.

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